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She's in your house.

She controls your life.

Now she's going to destroy it


Welcome to the website of S K Tremayne, author of THE ICE TWINS, THE FIRE CHILD, JUST BEFORE I DIED and THE ASSISTANT.

In these pages you’ll find all the links you need to buy and read the S K Tremayne books. But you’ll also find a lot more: articles about writing, features about the themes in the books, travel articles about locations I have used, and so on. There are also some maps, so you can actually follow the characters around the very real landscapes, of Skye, Dartmoor, Cornwall, and north London.

Finally, there are lots of photos. They were nearly all taken, by me, in the real-life landscapes described in the novels.

I hope you have fun.

"I am everywhere. Watching me."

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Welcome to my new website


Hello. My new book THE ASSISTANT is now available on Amazon, and as an audiobook, and is also stocked, of course, in every good bookshop across the land. And probably some bad bookshops as well. Here…



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