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The Ice Twins Island: now a HOLIDAY

It’s no secret that Torran Island, in THE ICE TWINS, is firmly based on a real, remote Hebridean lighthouse island: historic Eilean Sionnach. Which is just off Ornsay in Skye.

When I first visited the island, as a student, and when I returned to research it, to write the book, the little cottage on the island was poetically run down. To the point of being uninhabitable.  By the time of my last visit, I seriously wondered if the building would survive another winter.

Happily, the owner, Angel Sedgwick, has now rescued and revamped the whole place. He’s made it into a gorgeous self catering retreat, while maintaining many of the original features that gave Sionnach it’s charm. Yes, it’s still remote, and yes, you can still get easily stuck by the tides, but now you can enjoy underfloor heating, and perfect wifi. And a private chef who will come over and cook your venison.

The island has its own website if you want to book:

Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage

I’ll be writing about the island myself in a travel article, shortly. But if you want to see more, right now, check out this excellent video by Scottish photographer Kim Grant, who stayed there very recently….



Welcome to my new website

Hello. My new book THE ASSISTANT is now available on Amazon, and as an audiobook, and is also stocked, of course, in every good bookshop across the land. And probably some bad bookshops as well. Here are a couple of early reviews

“Chilling” – Sunday Times

“Brilliant. Horribly plausible!” – Readers Digest

“One of the best new crime books” – Financial Times

“Disturbing, thought-provoking, and gripping” – Woman’s Weekly

“Gleefully sinister” – Sunday Mirror